Dedicated Opportunities Maintenance Enhancement


Susan Parsel-Armagost and Jim Hall

We are now firmly established in our permanent spiritual home. Here is some history of our journey. We started our Grow in Unity Commitment Journey in 2015 for the purpose of finding our permanent spiritual home (PSH). We followed many paths during our search from looking to purchase an existing church to thoroughly researching vacant land in a central location.

Since there were no existing churches for sale, we decided to purchase land. We found 17 acres on Highway 466, ½ mile west of Highway 301. After the purchase of this land, we hired engineers, architects and site developers. It was during this discovery process, we realized the cost of building a church structure on this land was closer to $3,000,000, substantially more than we initially thought. Knowing it was important to vacate the leased space at our old location by August 30, 2016, we re-considered purchasing an existing property. Our current location was the result of this new focus. While we saved a tremendous amount of money by not building a new church, we still have many expenses since we purchased a building with much deferred maintenance.

Now that our needs have now changed, we are transitioning to a new name for our Commitment Journey. We welcome you to our Grow in Unity DOME Fund. DOME stands for Dedicated Opportunities for Maintenance and Enhancement.

Our new church home needs several improvements that are required to use our church to its full capacity, namely, sprinklers for the second floor, an elevator or lift to our second floor, and some remodeling to the second floor to make it more user friendly. Soon, we will need to replace up to three of the aging and inefficient air conditioning units. Since we have moved in, two of the five 20-year-old air conditioners have failed. Fortunately, we were able to purchase high efficiency units at a wholesale cost of $8,400. The savings in electricity has been dramatic. We were able to do this with the resources established by your commitment giving. We also need irrigation sprinklers, removal of dead trees, and other landscaping improvements. We hope you will continue your support to help this and more become a reality.

We are not extending our Grow in Unity Commitment Journey. If you have already made a commitment, we are not asking you to make any further commitment. We are asking you to honor the commitment you previously made. If you have not made any commitment in the past, we invite you to do so now.

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