Metaphysical Bookstore

Our Metaphysical Bookstore is open following Sunday services and includes the latest books and videos on New Thought teachings.  We also have other spiritually oriented items for sale; such as, cards, seasonal items and a selection of gift items, etc.  We also have a lending library of books and audio books and DVDs.  Bookstore items change weekly so please just stop by and view our latest items.

        Barbara Richards, Bookstore Manager

Barbara's Blog:

From the Bookstore: 

Every Sunday, we have people looking through the used bookcase, so as you discover more to donate, bring them in.  We will review the books to check that they are in-line with Unity Teachings & in good condition.  If not, we will ask you to take them back as we do not have storage in this new location.  Thanks for understanding.

See you Sunday

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