Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Our Prayer Chaplain Ministry is designed to hold a sacred space for all persons requesting prayer.

We recognize God’s presence and power in every moment. We behold the oneness of each individual with the presence of God as we co-create the future.

Our Prayer Chaplains

Deni Ralston

Steve Camp

Sandy Baker

Emily Grossman

Mary Lou Mason

George Neal

Chris Epperly

Carol Quinn


Associate Prayer Chaplains

Sharon Golden

Juanita Loomis

Patty Cox

Rhonda Hall

Dru Hoon
no email

Pam Treffehn

Being a Prayer Chaplain is a way to express one’s divine potential while achieving deeper spiritual fulfillment.

The role of a Prayer Chaplain is to hold spiritual space, listen from the heart, pray with others, and hold in confidence what is shared. People who volunteer to be a Prayer Chaplain agree to take on certain responsibilities, such as:

  • Make a one-year commitment to serve;
  • Maintain a personal prayer life;
  • Pray with or for others who are brought to attention;
  • Perform one of the prayer services offered by Unity of The Villages;
  • Attend a mandatory orientation/training session;
  • Attend Prayer Chaplain meetings for further training and to share the progress of the program.

If you think you would like to serve as a Prayer Chaplain, we invite you to pray about your calling. Stepping up to this sacred service also is stepping up to your next level of spiritual growth.