Meets the Second Friday of each month

Team Leaders are Judy Lapham and Dee Babel

Guidelines for the meetings:

  • Women will wear their Unity name tags or tags will be available to write names on.
  • Opening prayer or something else inspirational!
  • Refreshments in CR.
  • Meetings are from 1:00 to 2:30
  • Closing – group forms a circle – Prayer of Protection or something else.
  • There may be a brief business meeting.
  • The Program will be facilitated by the chairperson(s).
  • Depending on the program, there could be small groups for sharing (for example number off 1-6)  joys and concerns, or a designated topic.
  • The chairperson(s) are responsible for getting any information to Karine for the newsletter and any other correspondence with her that may be needed.
  • Also, the team is responsible for any thank you notes if needed.
  • Last, a short report of the meeting and number in attendance should be given to Dee and Judy.
  • The next meeting is February 9th at 1:00. Judy and Dee are chairpersons. There will be a short presentation about The Children’s Home Society and the needs of mothers with young babies. The Society gives services to the mothers in their homes to help them with parenting skills. We will be collecting diapers and clothing for babies from birth to one year. Judy has a bassinet we can place in church for donations during the month of March. There will be time for discussion on the group name and meeting in small groups.