Our Ecclesiastical Team

Our Minister: Reverend Marge Brown

Rev. Marge Brown is currently Senior Minister at Unity Spiritual Center, Fruitland Park, FL. From a rented space with $32,000 in savings Unity has grown under her spiritual direction. Their consciousness has manifested a 220-seat sanctuary with an institutional kitchen in a beautiful wooded setting on 5 acres with a mortgage less than the rent we were paying.

Everything is consciousness! Having spent two years working full time as a prayer associate while completing her LUT, Rev Marge is a firm believer in prayer. “We prayed every night for 5 minutes at 9PM on a conference line from April to December to bring forth our new spiritual home. Marge is a passionate environmentalist and their new church home includes two monolithic domes which use 50% fewer utilities.

Principle-oriented, Rev Marge is a challenging teacher who urges students to take a step beyond their comfort zone. “Prove the Truth to yourself and then live by it’ is a consistent reminder to truth students.

Rev Marge is blessed with twenty highly functioning teams in her ministry with two co-coordinators for most teams.

Our ASAP (Always Say a Prayer) electronic ministry and our PACT (Pastoral Assistance Care Team) ministry have produced nothing less than truly miraculous results. They are successful because both are founded in a giving of self-culture.

Marge has served as President and Vice President of Suncoast Unity Ministers (SUMI). She has served Unity Worldwide Ministries Prosperity team. Currently she is serving on UWM’s Leadership Recruitment and Development and Colleague Connection Teams.

She is an active minister on Marion Bridges working to bridge racial Harmony in Marion County. She participates in Interfaith Prayer services for Peace and hosts Interfaith educational forums.

Our Licensed Unity Teacher: Norman Bogert

After taking 250 hours of classes on spiritual training and 100 hours of leadership training, Norm was licensed by the Association of Unity Churches in March 2007. He was appointed Unity of Ocala’s Licensed Unity Teacher upon receiving his license and spent most of 2007 teaching basic Unity courses. In August, the Association of Unity Churches granted a charter for a study group to be started in The Villages, and Norm was named the spiritual leader.

Prior to being licensed, Norm joined Unity of Ocala as a member in January of 2004. He was elected to the Board of Trustees that same year and served as vice president and president of the board for three years. Working closely with the minister, Norm was involved with many of the day-to-day decisions and became trained in accounting systems and records needed to run a successful church community. During his working years, Norm was a trainer and facilitator with New York Life Insurance for 23 years and was a member of the National Training Academy faculty for over ten years.

Norm is married and has two children and six grandchildren. He lives in The Villages, Florida.